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Why Every Business Needs Strategy

When you say strategy to many business owners, they envision something that only a large corporations need and have. Nothing could be further from the truth. Smaller businesses need strategy as well. Strategy is documenting what is required to take you from where you are today to where you want to be. It is the story of the future of your business.  The story will change as your business grows. Smaller businesses benefit more as they can change more easily and quickly than larger ones, but to change you have to have defined where you need to go.

You cannot develop a business plan for your business if you have not defined a detailed business strategy. Your business strategy covers every area of your business and outlines where you are today and what you need to do in your business to get to the future state.

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How Do You Develop a Strategy?
When a strategy is developed there is a process that needs to occur to help a business owner think about the current situation of their business and their future goals and where they want to be both from a business and personal perspective. This is a journey. The only way the journey can be accomplished is through the business owner(s) being completely involved in the process, which is why we do not offer strategy services as consulting engagements.

We offer strategy services either through facilitation, where we work with you and your staff members to help guide you over a few days from where you are today to what needs to happen to get you to your future state, or through one-on-one coaching with the owner and possibly one or two other stakeholders.

We follow the same methodology whether you are looking at developing your overall business strategy or just a specific area of your business. Our video will take you through the steps we use.

Strategy Types
Strategy Engagement Options
Coaching Option
Fixed Amount (Pay by Month)

  • Sessions  and Deliverables Dependent on Strategy Type
  • For the Client who wants to build their strategy over a period of time one on one with a Coach
Facilitation Option

One Time Fixed Amount
Payment Terms Available
  • Upfront Work by Owner Prior to Facilitation
  • Work performed onsite with staff in matter of days dependent on Strategy Type
  • For the Client who needs to implement their Strategy in a short period of time and wants to involve team members
Need a Strategy for Your Business
Whether you need a full business strategy or just need a sales or marketing strategy, this can be provided a way that works best for you and your business. 

To find out more information, complete the form and we can provide you the information you need for whatever type of strategy you need for your business.  Alternatively Book a Free 30-minute consultation below and speak to someone about your business and determine which medium would be right for you.
If any of the 3 points are true, then setting strategies for your business is what you need.
You are looking to take your business to the next level 
You want to set a 3-5 year plan based on your business and personal goals and objectives.
You feel like your business needs direction
You want to get your business ready to sell in the next 5+ years
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We Offer a 30-Minute Free No Obligation Consultation

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Advisory Services
Advisory Services are more like coaching but they are provided on an ad-hoc or on demand basis.  If you are only looking for 1-2 hours of help as required, we have our Business Helpine Services.  If you are looking for help on a regular basis, then our Business Health Advisory Services can provide that level of help for you and your business.
Business Consulting
Business Consulting is for when you are looking for someone to perform certain work for you.  We also offer "work with you consulting" which is combination of business coaching and consulting where we help you so you can perform some of the work to help you learn which in turn reduces the cost for you as well.

Facilitiation offers a neutral third party which can help facilitate meetings in your business where you want to work as a team but need someone from the outside to help guide the agenda and deliverables.

Training is for those who are looking to get step by step training lead by a trainer  onsite or provided locally. We are starting to develop online courses as well which can be taken at your leisure.
Our Other Services
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