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Coaching versus Consulting
Are you a business owner that wants to be taught how to deal with certain issues in your business or learn new skills.  Do you have work that needs to be accomplished within your business and you want someone to actually do the work? If you want to have the work done for you, you are looking for consulting.  If you are looking for one-on-one guidance and be taught how to do work or deal with current issues you have in your business, coaching is for you. Coaching is more for the business owners who do not want to rely on consultants except when they require an expert to address a specific issue or perform work where expertise is required.  An example might be the requirement for a tax accountant for an estate freeze, or a web developer to develop a new website.
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How Does Coaching Work?
Coaching is a structured process that starts with us understanding the issues that you are having within your business and prioritizing which ones are the most important to work on for the engagement.  Each session is 2 hours in length. For many of the sessions you will have homework to do based on what was learned within the session.

We provide support (email / phone) during the engagement to clarify and answer questions or provide guidance on your homework.  The minimum engagement is 4 months.  We charge for coaching on a monthly basis.

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Our Business Coaching Packages


Coaching Package
Minimum 4 Months 
  • Assessment / Analysis 
  • Action Plan Session 
  • 6 -2 Hour Coaching Sessions
  • Review / Next Steps Session
  • Materials & Tools Associated with Enagement
Additional Add-on Monthly Sessions
2 Sessions
  • Updated Action Plan based on number of sessions purchased
  • 2 - 2 Hour Sessions
Advisory Services
Advisory Services are more like coaching but they are provided on an ad-hoc or on demand basis.  If you are only looking for 1-2 hours of help as required, we have our Business Helpine Services.  If you are looking for help on a regular basis, then our Business Health Advisory Services can provide that level of help for you and your business.
Business Consulting
Business Consulting is for when you are looking for someone to perform certain work for you.  We also offer "work with you consulting" which is combination of business coaching and consulting where we help you so you can perform some of the work to help you learn which in turn reduces the cost for you as well.

Facilitiation offers a neutral third party which can help facilitate meetings in your business where you want to work as a team but need someone from the outside to help guide the agenda and deliverables.

Training is for those who are looking to get step by step training lead by a trainer  onsite or provided locally. We are starting to develop online courses as well which can be taken at your leisure.
Our Other Services
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