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Coaching versus Consulting

Do you have work that needs to be accomplished within your business and you want someone to actually do the work?  If you want to have the work done for you, you are looking for consulting.  

If you are looking for one-on-one guidance and to be taught how to do work or deal with current issues you have in your business to meet your goals and objectives, coaching is for you. Coaching is more for the business owners who do not want to rely on consultants except when they require an expert to address a specific issue or perform work where expertise is required.

Are you a Canadian business who would like to acquire business skills in certain areas of your business one-on-one from a trusted professional? If you are looking for help in these areas:

  Looking to grow and improve performance in your business

•  Want to focus more on working "on your business"

•​​​​​​​  Want help in particular areas of your business 

•  Want to work through issues you are having in your business

•​​​​​​​  Want to get your business ready for sale

If you feel that any of these apply to you, then General Business Coaching is for you, as it is customized to your specific needs.


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How Does General  Business Coaching Work?
Coaching is a structured process that starts with us understanding the issues that you are having within your business and prioritizing which ones are the most important to work on for the engagement.  Each session is 2 hours in length. For many of the sessions you will have homework to do based on what was learned within the session.

We provide support (email / phone) during the engagement to clarify and answer questions or provide guidance on your homework.  The minimum engagement is 6 sessions, with an additional assessment session and follow-up session to set next steps to ensure success.  We charge for coaching on a monthly basis  (after every 2 sessions ) so as to not affect your cash flow.

Listen to our video to find out more how business coaching works and how it can help you and your business.

Initial Engagement
$785 /Month for 4 Months
General Business Coaching 
  • Assessment of Your Business and Financials based on information provided by client
  • One 2-hour session to review assessment findings, provide recommendations and determine customized sessions
  • Six 2-hour customized customer sessions including the development time by coach
  • One 2-hour session to complete gap and implementation and set new priorities
  • Homework to help with understanding 
  • Email and phone support between sessions to help with homework and answer questions
  • Customer receives all lessons and tools used in coaching sessions
  • $20.00 a month reduction for e-transfer payment
Add-on Sessions
$715 /Month 
$695/Month for 3 month plus commitment

General Business Coaching Add-on Sessions
  • Two 2-hour customized customer sessions including the development time by coach
  • Homework to help with understanding
  • Email and phone support between sessions to help with homework and answer questions
  • Customer receives all lessons and tools used in coaching sessions 
  • $15.00 a month reduction for e-transfer payment

Fill in the form to have someone provide you with additional information on business coaching or SIGN UP below for a free 30 minute coaching assessment consultation to talk to one of our coaches to ask questions and find out if coaching is right for your business.

"We engaged RK Fischer & Associates in 2017 as we were in high growth mode and needed help in setting up our go forward growth strategy moving into our next fiscal year. Both business partners through business coaching were able to set our go forward goals and strategy for every area of our business.  We developed our financial goals as well as personal goals for the next 3 years and during the engagement determined what we had to do to meet those goals.  We worked on the gap of where we were today and we want to be in each area of our business and developed the strategy along with an implementation plan which included determining the metrics to track success and the resources we needed as well as the budget to meet our go forward goals.  Also we set 3-year financial goals so we are able to track our progress for the next 3 years.
We are using the strategy we developed to manage our business and our team in order to meet our bo forward goals.  We found this a very beneficial exercise and learned a lot about ourselves and our business and would recommend it to anyone who is  currently in growth mode or is looking to grow they business, as you need a plan to help you get to where you want to be.
Thank you, Rudy and Karen.
Adrian Philpot and Andre Ganton, Owners

You are committed to making changes in yourself and your business to meet overall goals and objectives.
You are committed to acquiring new skills to help you and your staff improve the performance of your business.
You are committed to setting aside the time uninterrupted and completing homework to practice the skills learned.
You are committed to implementing the changes needed within the timeframe you define to meet your goals and objectives.
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We Offer a 30-Minute Free Business Coaching Assessment

Have a one-on-one conversation with one of our Partners to assess if Business Coaching will work for your business.


Ad-Hoc Advisory Services

For start-ups or soho businesses who are not quite ready for structured business coaching but need help or guidance on an adhoc basis.  You can purchase 1-hr phone or 2-hr online services. 
Strategic Planning Business Coaching
Do you want or need to create or update your Strategic Plan but would prefer to learn the skills to accomplish this along with developing the plans and creating the metrics you need to ensure success?  This 40hr (20 sessions) engagement will help you do just that.
Succession Planning Business Coaching
For business owners who are looking to sell or transition their business in the next 3-5 years and are looking to learn the skills to develop a plan in order to receive the value they want for their business if they sell or make sure the business is in the shape they want to hand down to the next generation.  There are 8 sessions including quarterly reviews and a valuation estimate 1 year later.
Financial Management Business Coaching
For business owners who are looking to better understand their financials and gain the skills necessary to better manage their business from a financial perspective.  This includes 6 sessions. If needed quarterly reviews of your financials can be added on to this engagement.
Business Consulting
Business Consulting is for when you are looking for someone to perform certain work for you.  We also offer "work with you consulting" which is combination of business coaching and consulting where we help you so you can perform some of the work to help you learn which in turn reduces the cost for you as well.

Facilitiation offers a neutral third party which can help facilitate meetings in your business where you want to work as a team but need someone from the outside to help guide the agenda and deliverables.

Training is for those who are looking to get step by step training lead by a trainer  onsite or provided locally. We are starting to develop online courses as well which can be taken at your leisure.
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