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Advisory Services Versus Coaching
If you are looking for ad-hoc or on demand services to help provide advice and guidance to you as a business owner, then you are most likely looking for advisory services versus coaching. Advisory services are when you need them and can be provided as needed over the phone for an hour or online for two hours. Coaching provides structured sessions and is based on a pre-set agenda focused on teaching you the skills needed to become more self-sufficient.

In addition to our one or two-hour sessions, we offer monthly and quarterly advisory services where you can book sessions for 1/2 or 1 full day on a monthly or quarterly basis. These sessions are to advise or guide you where you need help within your business. An example would be to have a consultant once a month to help you review your financials and provide you insight and guidance.

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How do Advisory Services Work?
Our Business Helpline Services provide an on-demand option to business owners to book a time with one of our consultants for a one or two hour period to get advice on a particular business issue. The one-hour session can be booked whenever you want through our online scheduling tool at a time that works for you. We ask that you provide some information on what you want to speak about with a consultant. Our two-hour session works much the same, but we provide you with a questionnaire in advance so that we might prepare for the topics you wish to discuss and is offered online through

Our Business Health Advisory Services are for business owners who are looking for help on a monthly or quarterly basis for either a 1/2 day or full day session. What you want to cover in the sessions is up to you. We just ask that you let us know in advance so that we can come prepared.

Listen to our video to find out more how business advisory services can help you and your business.
Advisory Ad-Hoc Package Pricing
One Hour Phone Session
3 Call Package - $405.00
6 Call Package - $700.00
  • One Hour Ad-Hoc Business Help Booked at Time that Works for You
  • Booked Minimum 48 Hours in Advance
  • Discussion can be around any area of your business
  • Advice will be provided and recommendations, but this is not a standard coaching engagement with goals and outcomes.
  • There is a minimum call package and all calls must be used within 6 months.
  • When you book your hour, it is suggested you provide as much information as possible to utilize your time properly.
Two Hour Web Session
2 Session Package - $660.00
4 Session Package - $1100.00
  • Two Hour Ad-Hoc Business Help , but is through Web Conference .
  • Participant will complete a questionnaire prior  to the session.that provides questions to help guide the session.
  • Though does not have the structure of our business coaching, where an assessment is performed and homework is given,  these sessions are more working sessions like coaching for those that need to work through an issue quickly.
  • There is a minimum web session package of 2 sessions which must be used in 6 months.
  • Email support is provided in between sessions.
Business Coaching
Business Coaching is for those business owners who want one-on-one guidance to help teach them the skills they want to acquire in different areas of their business.
Business Consulting
Business Consulting is for when you are looking for someone to perform certain work for you.  We also offer "work with you consulting" which is combination of business coaching and consulting where we help you so you can perform some of the work to help you learn which in turn reduces the cost for you as well.

Facilitiation offers a neutral third party which can help facilitate meetings in your business where you want to work as a team but need someone from the outside to help guide the agenda and deliverables.

Training is for those who are looking to get step by step training lead by a trainer  onsite or provided locally. We are starting to develop online courses as well which can be taken at your leisure.
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